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ANNOUNCEMENT : Polaroid is on break. I don't have the time to continue such a large project at the moment. But it will probably come back in another format, I thought about a video maybe. You'll know soon enough if something comes up :)

Polaroid is a very important project for me, it started by being a monthly web magazine essentially reserved for Liam's positive news.

It consisted of press articles but also articles that I wrote myself. There were also sections that were used to show what was happening in the fandom during the month.

Here's the latest edition !

You can also find all the old versions here :

Before It Ends Yellow Circle
7 products : hoodie, t-shirt, sweatshirt, tote bag, mug, sofa pillowcase, sofa pillow

Here's the latest designs, there's different products available for each of them.
If you're interested, here's the link, thank you !

I also love editing so here's my latest (big) edits.

You can always ask me on twitter if you want to remove a caption on a photo or something like that.
You can find the whole list of my edits just below !